Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saison d'Etre (Week 5 Update)

     While brewing up Fuggles' Yorkshire Mild today, I took a gravity reading from my saison.  After five weeks, the yeast has fermented this down to 1.005.  We're looking much better, but I still think I'm going to give this a little time and see if I can't get a bit more attenuation out of it.  At this point, this is coming in at about 6.65% abv.  We'll see what another week or two does, and see if we can't dry it out just a bit more. The Dupont strain really is a strange yeast! At week four, this was only down to a paltry 1.024.  For some reason that extra week really dropped it down, even though fermentation looked for all intents and purposes to have screeched nearly to a halt.
    As far as impressions, this smells and tastes fantastic.  There's a bit more spice than last time, with that wonderful Juicy Fruit aroma, as well as some other vibrant fruitiness.  The bitterness is still firm, but not overpowering like last time.  The fact that this has dried out considerably, along with the increased alcohol, makes this very nicely balanced.  Refreshing, fruity and spicy on the palate, and a clean bitterness on the finish makes this a winner.

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