My goal

... as a homebrewer is to brew outstanding, authentic examples of classic European ales and lagers using the finest ingredients and traditional brewing techniques.  Many of my favorite styles, like the classic English Bitter and toasty Munich Dunkel, are hard to find in the United States, while others, like Burton Ale and Dark Mild, are rare even in their countries of origin.  Yet without the passion, innovation, and (at times) irreverence of American brewers, the craft beer world would not be so wonderfully diverse today.  Therefore, while I like to focus on traditional European styles, I love to do occasional batches that pay homage to American creativity and daring in the brewing world. Pumpkin Barley-wine?  Maybe.  Pumpernickel Porter? Perhaps.  Whatever it is, though, you can be sure it's done with passion, love, and a committment to great beer.  Cheers!

Since I brew my beer in my home and garage, the photos above are obviously not of my brew-house, but rather pictures I took at the Black Sheep Brewery in Yorkshire, England and up along Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland.  The real ales and brewing culture of these areas are what originally sparked my interest in brewing and continue to provide me with inspiration.