Just a sampling of some of my favorite beer and brewing resources from around the Web...

  • Beer Advocate: a site where you can see reviews for thousands of beers, get updates on beer news and events, and ask questions on a number of forums.  The homebrewing forum has proven especially useful to me over the last year or so.
  • Beer News: a regularly-updated site with tons of info on new releases, label approvals, industry news and happenings, etc.
  • Midwest Supplies: one of the two best online companies for homebrewers, home vintners, etc.  If Midwest doesn't have it, there's a good chance that Northern Brewer will.
  • Northern Brewer: another fantastic homebrewing shop.  If Northern Brewer doesn't have it, chances are Midwest will. 
  • Basic Brewing: James Spencer and Steve Wilkes provide a ton of really interesting (and useful) information, experiments, suggestions, and Q&A for all things homebrewing.  On their website, they have links to their numerous (and I mean numerous) podcasts of Basic Brewing Radio and Basic Brewing Video.  Definitely worth a look.
  • The Brewing Network: another great site with tons of different podcasts set up to help you brew better beer at home.  My personal favorite is the Jamil Show with Jamil Z, perhaps one of the greatest semi-pro homebrewers out there.
  • Mr. Malty: this website was set up by Jamil Z. and has a ton of good information on brewing.  Particularly useful (I wish I would have recognized this sooner) is his yeast pitching calculator which helps you determine exactly how much yeast you should be pitching into any beer you brew.
  • How to Brew: one of the best homebrewing resources out there.  John Palmer was gracious enough to make this available free online.  Once you start using it on a regular basis, however, you'll likely do what I did and go out and buy a hard copy!
  • BJCP Style Guidelines: a great resource to understand the basics of contemporary beer styles and categories.